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Chad wraps up 1988 in JCP by looking at three great matches. He discusses the effectiveness of War Games as a gimmick match and bids farewell to Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes.

Matches Discussed:

War Games 7/16/88

Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard vs Midnight Express 9/10/88

Eddie Gilbert vs Barry Windham 12/24/88 WCW SN

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Carolina Dreamin’ #10

Chad returns to talk about the two best feuds of JCP in 1988 involving Barry Windham & Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard and The Fantastics vs Midnight Express. 


Matches Discussed:


1/23/88 Super Bouts on the Superstation Barry Windham vs Tully Blanchard

04/3/88 Main Event Ric Flair/Arn Anderson/Tully Blanchard vs Lex Luger/Sting/Barry WIndham

4/10/88 Main Event Tully Blanchard vs Barry WIndham

4/23/88 WCW Saturday Night Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson vs Barry Windham/Lex Luger

3/26/88 Pro The Fantastics vs MIdnight Express

5/14/88 World Wide The Fantastics vs Midnight Express

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Carolina Dreamin’ #9

On the 9th episode of Carolina Dreamin’, Chad discusses the transitional period of JCP from late 1987 into early 1988. Chad discusses the oversaturation of Dusty Rhodes, the integration of the UWF and the overall booking problems that persist within the promotion. He also discusses the upside of 1988 with Sting emerging as a top babyface and Lex Luger removing himself from the Four Horseman.

Matches Discussed:

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Rock ‘N’ Roll Express 09/19/87 World Championship Wrestling

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Rock ‘N’ Roll Express 10/10/87 Pro

Sting vs Ric Flair 1/2/88 Pro

Nikita Koloff vs Dick Murdoch 1/16/88 World Championship Wrestling

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Carolina Dreamin’ #8

On today's episode of Carolina Dreamin', Chad continues to plow through the fantastic 1987 year in JCP. Topics include sequals in wrestling and why Ron Garvin is an amazing wrestler and why his feud with Ric Flair is in the pantheon of best Flair feuds overall. 


The following matches are featured:


1. WarGames 2 (July 31, 1987)

2. Midnight Express vs Ron & Jimmy Garvin (NWA PRO, August 22, 1987)

3. Ricky Morton vs Tully Blanchard (World Wide Wrestling, September 26, 1987)

4. Ron Garvin vs Ric Flair (World Wide Wrestling, October 3, 1987) 

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Chad returns with the latest episode of Carolina Dreamin' looking at the Summer of 1987 in JCP. Chad discusses the importance of the television title, the scope of the MX vs RNR Express feud and the 1st War Games! 

Matches Discussed:

Robert Gibson vs Tully Blanchard NWA Pro 05/16/87

Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes World Wide Wrestling 06/13/87

Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express World Wide Wrestling 07/11/87

War Games  Great American Bash: Atlanta 07/04/87 

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Carolina Dreamin’ #6

1987 kicks off with Chad discussing the greatest television match (non Clash) of all time on US soil and the overall greatness of Barry Windham.  


Here is the 1986 must watch matches:

1. Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin 3/30/86 (The Omni) 

2. Tully Blanchard vs Ron Garvin 5/3/86 (Worldwide) 

3. Sheepherders vs The Fantastics Crockett Cup (WWE Network)

4. Ole & Arn Anderson vs Rock 'N Roll Express (July WCW)

5. Ron Garvin vs Tully Blanchard 7/5/86 (WWE Network)

6. Ricky Morton vs Ric Flair 7/5/86 (WWE Network) 

7. Midnight Express vs Rock N' Roll Express (August, Philadelphia House Show) 

8. Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff (Match #6, 8/16/87 Worldwide)

9. Rock N' Roll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson (Starrcade)

10. Rock N' Roll Express vs Ragin' & Ravishing 12/6/87 (WCW) 

1986 YouTube playlist:

1987 YouTube Playlist:

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On this episode of Carolina Dreamin',  Chad discusses the second half of 1985 in JCP. Chad talks about one of his favorite tag team matches of all time in the Russians vs Rock 'N Roll Express and one of his favorite television shows of all time in the 12/28/85 edition of World Championship Wrestling. Chad also gives an update for the series as a whole moving forward. David Crockett rules!!!!!!!!!!

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Carolina Dreamin’ #4

In this episode of Carolina Dreamin', Chad continues to deep dive into classic Jim Crockett Promotions matches as he prepares his Greatest WCW Match Ever list! This episodes sees Chad tackling another great Tully Blanchard tv match vs Don Kernodle, Magnum TA and Ric Flair getting their feud into full swing and a pair of Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff matches from the Summer of 1985. 

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In this episode of Carolina Dreamin', Chad discusses the Night of Champions Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat match and then dives into the promotion as a whole in 1984 and compares that to the changing landscape in wrestling worldwide. Afterward, Chad looks at the emergence in 1985 of Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson. 

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Carolina Dreamin’ #2

In this episode of Carolina Dreamin', Chad  dives into two of the most historic  feuds in JCP history. Kernodle/Slaughter vs Youngblood/Steamboat and Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat. Final Conflict and Boogie Jam in one thirty minute pod! 

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Carolina Dreamin’ #1

In the first episode of Carolina Dreamin', Chad gives an overview of the GWCW project at and then dives into a bevy of JCP matches from 1981-1982. Listen to Chad's thoughts on Flair vs Ole Anderson, Brisco vs Piper and Piper vs Flair. 

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