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Rank and File is back, but something is missing! Where is the ranking? Where, OH WHERE, is the filing? On this episode of Rank and File, Jordan and Erich are back to give you a big announcement! We had a show in mind, but it was just too much for one episode. So what do you do when faced with the decision between squeezing into one episode or expanding into two? Why, you make it FIVE episodes of course! Our biggest Rank and File project ever is underway! Tune in to find out what we will be doing!

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Rank & File returns with an episode about the critically acclaimed TV show, "Arrested Development". Aaron George makes his triumphant return to the podcast joining Erich and Jordan as they discuss the best characters from the Fox show that was eventually revived for Netflix. Who will be crowned the greatest character? Michael? Buster? GOB? Her? Have the guys bitten off more than they can chew with this one, have they made a huge mistake? Fire up your Cornballer and get a Frozen Banana, and take a listen!

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Rank & File #5: Superpowers

Rank & File is back! The holidays are over, and Jordan and Erich are moving on to some super new topics! Specifically, superpowers! Have you always wanted to fly? Wished about having super strength? Do you daydream about having the powers of... whatever Hawkeye does? Take a listen, as the guys bring in a long time friend making his North-South debut, Austin Feldman, where they vote on which would be the best super power to have.

Along the way, they face tough moral decisions, agree that "Runaround" by Blues Traveler is a bop, and fear the lethal powers of the most powerful being in our existence, Mario. Be sure to weigh in with your picks as well!

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What's that? It looks like one more present! How did you forget to open this one? In a late Christmas gift exchange, Rank and File is here to ring in 2021 by taking a look at the greatest Christmas movies of all time. Jordan is back with Erich, and while Aaron is still away on a trek through the Great White North, they've got someone in as a guest this time! It's Place To Be's own Andy Atherton, making his North/South debut!

Join the guys as they vote on a bracket of 16 Christmas classics to determine once and for all the best Christmas movie of all time. Along the way, they discuss what actually qualifies as a movie, what makes Die Hard a Christmas movie, and in a surprise twist, they learn what Christmas is all about! Also Erich's heart grows three sizes, but we are happy to report that doctors say he will survive! Tune in and start your year off right!

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Rank and File is back! In Episode 3, Jordan and Erich man the ship while Aaron George is busy counting ballots. In a shocking twist, the ballots are for the GWWE project!

While Aaron is up to his neck in votes for Max Moon, the guys tackle the first non sitcom topic: Thanksgiving foods! With Turkey Day just around the corner, they discuss their favorite things to pile on their plate in a great American display of excess and gluttony. Want to know where stuffing ranked? How did mashed potatoes do? And more importantly, HOW COULD THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN CORN?

Take a listen, get hungry, and come back for seconds on this episode of Rank and File: Thanksgiving Foods!

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The boys of Rank & File are back! This month, we head from Scranton, PA to the lovely town of Pawnee, Indiana! Join hosts Jordan Duncan, Erich Hinkle and Aaron George as they have ranked the greatest characters from Parks & Recreation! The guys discuss the obvious favorites but take the time to sing the praises of some also rans and honorable mentions, as well as stopping to crap all over the horrible legacy of Mark Brendanawicz, and contemplating the absolute vanilla essence of Ann Perkins. Who is the greatest character? We won't need Bert Macklin, FBI to crack this one. You just need to sit back and listen, before you get Jammed!

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Rank & File #1: The Office

After a long hiatus, Rank & File returns, with a twist! Host Jordan Duncan is back to rank any and everything, and he’s brought along some friends to help him - Aaron George and Erich Hinkle.

First stop on the Rank & File return tour? Scranton, Pennsylvania, of course! The boys have a bracket of 32 of the greatest Office episodes in history and they will debate and vote each match up until there is a definitive BEST episode. Tune in for the discussion, stay for the sexual chemistry between Aaron and Erich!

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