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21 hours ago

Welcome to Talk'n Docs, the monthly podcast where we dive into the world of documentaries and review them for your listening pleasure. Hosted by Jennifer Smith, Logan Crosland and Cowboy Roger, the third episode continues a season dedicated to exploring cults. Stolen Youth details the incredible story of an unhinged con man who manages to coerce his daughter's college roommates into a tangled web of paranoia and fear. The panel discuss the role drugs played in Larry Ray's manipulation, his brutal brainwashing techniques, and repeated sexual abuse. 

2 days ago

In this episode of New Gen on a Mission, Justin Pratt & Tim Slomka talk about the granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania X. They talk about two all time classic matches, Luger coming up short, a never ending nerve hold and Bret Hart: World Champion.

3 days ago

In this episode of Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars, JT Rozzero & Chad Campbell dive into the Monday Night Wars from 12/30/96!
They catch up on their personal lives for a few minutes and then get into the fallout from Starrcade, Hollywood Hogan's delusions, college football in the mid 90s, the Giant turning on the NWO, Hart and Michaels face-to-face, Raw limping to the end of 1996 and much more.
So sit back, settle in and join JT and Chad as they work their way through the one and only Monday Night Wrestling War era!

4 days ago

Tim and Marcus are back at it again to cover the second of the two major PPVs this Memorial Day weekend as AEW lands in a home away from home in Las Vegas for their annual Double or Nothing event! Titles on the line, feuds to settle, and maybe a return or two. How does AEW stack up on the weekend and what's must watch and must skip? Take it all in here!

4 days ago

It’s… ChroNoSo! Each month, the North-South Connection Podcast Network takes you down memory lane by exploring one match from WWE history.
Picking up where ChroNoSo Daily left off, our contributors are on a quest to cover every important match in WWE PPV and television history. One month. One voice per match. So strap in for a ride that will no doubt carry us well into the 22nd century, forever alienating us from friends and family!
This month on ChroNoSo… the ChroNoSo Crew dive into Royal Rumble 1988!

5 days ago

WWE stays international on the PLE circuit as the kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts WWE's Night Of Champions! On an event we are guaranteed a brand new champion, are any other titles at risk of finding a new home? Plus, with Cody and Brock going to war and Trish and Becky fighting for respect, there's so much to take in on the start of Memorial Day Weekend! What's must watch, must skip and our MVP? You've come to the right place!

5 days ago

First they were making the cut. Then they made the cut! And now... Aaron and JT are covering the gamut of wrestling, pop culture and beyond because... it is time to get NO HOLDS BARRED!
In this episode, the boys are diving into their big stretch project: ranking every single WWE World Title change ever! They will be discussing and breaking down each and every match where the WWE's top prize changed hands and creating a master all time list. In this episode, they break down Mankind challenging The Rock from Monday Night Raw 1/4/99!
Come for the concept and the absurdity, stay for Bermuda, Kokomo, the Property AND Neville Brothers. JT! Aaron! NO HOLDS BARRED!

6 days ago

It's Friday, and you know what that means! Jordan and Andrew are here to talk ALL ELITE WRESTLING!
And it is time for Double or Nothing 2023! The guys break down each match, share predictions and give their thoughts on the hype level of the show.
Will MJF retain? Will The Elite destroy the BCC? Will screwdrivers be involved? Will CM Punk don a mask and wrestle as a luchador named PepsiCo?
Along the way, they discuss a duel between Arn Anderson and Ja Morant, the debut of AEW Nick Collison, CM Punk working the sheets, and the success of Willow Nightingale!
So get your match previews and predictions here, and stick around for the banter in between!

7 days ago

From the eagle’s nest, high above the ECW arena, this is the Extreme Three Way Dance! In this episode, JT, Jenny and Matt review the next three episodes of ECW television from March and April 1998!
The troublesome trio talk about Shane Douglas's descent to madness, Taz biding time, the aimless Dudley Boys, Whipwreck's attempt for revenge on Credible, a huge TV Title match and so much more!
So jump on board, grab a chair and get ready to join this threesome for an extreme journey through time!

Wednesday May 24, 2023

In this edition of You Heard About Pluto, Jenny welcomes returning guest Matt Souza to watch Iron Chef! They discuss the lore of the show, eel as the secret ingredient, so much eel murder, Stallone’s reality show, Cool Ranch Doritos, sheep and horse comparisons, surprisingly delicious looking eel dishes, dog hair, shoddy TV production, unqualified judges and so much more! So prepare for a culinary journey on Pluto TV!

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